Vape Mods: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Your Box Mod.

Vape Mods: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Your Box Mod

Based on what I see as i look around, I can’t help but question if pack mods are the most popular e-cigs on the market today. I don’t determine if it’s just that box mod users happen to be the ones almost certainly to vape in public. Having said that i rarely see anything else – and why not?

Pack mods are relatively lightweight, they often go on for hours with near-constant use, and they can produce an absolutely insane amount of vapor. Vape pens have absolutely no chance of retaining up – the power packs simply aren’t powerful ample. So, be a part of me as we learn more about vape mods.

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We’re likely to discuss what box mods are and figure out whether any box mods for beginners are present. Finally, we’ll read about the best pack mods on the market in every price range. By the time we are done, you are going to know just about everything there is to know about these little dynamos.

What Are Vape Mods?

Vape Mods are, in short, an bigger e-cigarette containing the shape of a box than that of a cylinder. The word “mod” emanates from the fact that all of the earliest e-cigarette mods had been either built by hand or made from altered household items. There were package mods produced from Altoids tins, snus cans, craft bins – take your pick. People identified items adequate enough to hold power packs and simply connected buttons and atomizer threading.

Checkout this range of vape mods from Vaporesso
Checkout this range of vape mods from Vaporesso

Today, package mods are highly finished consumer items. They involve safety features, adjustable wattage configurations and custom temperature handles. The very first box mods had basically no internal gadgets – just a couple wires. Individuals made them because they had been tired of the poor battery lifespan and vapor production of the cigalikes available at the time.

The reality is, though, the earliest pack mods really had quite a bit in common with the box mods of today. The earliest mod makers tended to use 18650 batteries and 510 atomizer threading. Most box mods still use those components today.

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Actually, the 510 thread is currently so ubiquitous that you never even need to understand the term – virtually every container or atomizer today utilizes the 510 connection. Back then, the 510 thread was just one of a great many choices. Sad to say, I never think there’s a patent for the very first box mod!

Features of Vape Mods:

Right now, box mods may be the units on which the big e-cigarette companies focus by far the most. Most of the major companies have box mods in a variety of sizes and power levels. There’s a kind of technological arms race in between the e-cigarette producers, with each organization constantly trying to add extra features that the other companies’ mods don’t have yet.

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